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Who Are You?

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Design Needs

Logo Design

Your Vision

If you are starting from square one and do not have any ideas for your logo.  Please be aware that this can significantly increase the design time and the costs associated. Please do your best to complete the rest of the form with as much accurate detail as possible.

Market Research

Analyzing your competition helps me to make sure your brand appeals to your target market and stands out in your industry.

How would you like to differ or stay in-line with your industry?

ie. We sell high-value or low-value items.

The Look

Logo Types Explained:
  • Wordmark: Word or name-based logo (text only).
  • Lettermark: Acronym or Letterbased logo with optional text.
  • Pictorial / Combination: A real-world object with optional text.
  • Abstract: Conceptual / Symbolic with optional text.
  • Emblem: Logo enclosed in a shape.
  • Mascot: A character or Illustration with text.

Please select 1-3 colors. These colors will be used to create a color palette for your brand.

Files must be .ai,.eps,.pdf

Final Questions

Each design concept costs $300

All logos are created to scale for print and web.



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